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A Visual Timeline of Paperfolding and Origami History

Ancient Egypt Oldest map fold
95 B.C The Invention of Paper
Tang Dynasty Chinese Bookbinding
Heyan Era Tato Folds
Kusudama (Medicine Ball)
Mecho and Ocho
Song Dynasty Chinese Folding Fans
Mayan Empire Maya Codices
Yung Dynasty Funerary Objects
1490 First illustration of folded boat
1581 Italian Napkin Folding and Waterbomb Base
17th-19th Century Baptismal Certificates and Windmill-Folds in the west
Edo Period Recreational origami in Japan
1676 Troublewit
1680 Origami butterflies mentioned in a poem
1682-1717 First References to Origami (Orisue) and Traditional Folded Cranes (Orizuru)
1734 Japanese Print of Folded Models
1764 Tsutsumi-no Ki (Book of Wrapping) by ISE Sadatake
1797 Hiden Senbazuru Orikata (The Secret of One Thousand Cranes Origami)
C. 1800 Chushingura Orikata
1845 KAYARA-GUSA (Kan-No Mado)
Late 19th century Froebelian Folding
1872 Paper Hat Step Folds Published in Scientific American
1886 Published Diagrams for the Flapping Bird
1887 Published Diagrams for the Paper Boat
1898 Lillian Oppenheimer born
1909 Robert Harbin born
1911 Akira Yoshizawa born
1920's Bauhaus Movement and Paperfolding
1943 Sadako Sasaki born
1955 Yoshizawa's exhibition in Amsterdam
1958 Founding of the Origami Center
1967 World's first origami society established in the UK
1978 Founding of the the Italian Origami Society
1979 Founding of the the Belgian-Netherlands Origami Society
1980 Founding of the Friends of the Origami Center of America (later Origami USA)
1988 Birth of the O-List
1990 Founding of Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS)
1993 Founding of the Israeli Origami Center

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