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The Paper Magazine 92 book cover

The Paper Magazine 92

2006 by Origami USA

Skill Level Simple to complex
Clear diagrams? Varies
Tinted diagrams (to show 2 sides of paper)? Varies
Photos of completed models? Varies
Is there indication to the model size resulting from size of starting paper? Varies
Are the models "Pure" origami (From a single square - no cuts)? Varies

Overall Impression

The Paper is the official publication of Origami USA, and has gone through several transformations since its beginning in 1980, as "The Friends of the Origami Center of America" became "Origami USA". The magazine focuses on the origami community and events in the US and the world, as well as including a few diagrammed designs.

There are 14 Origami Designs in The Paper Magazine 92:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

Show only designs with photos
Diamons shelf

Objects - Useful

V'ann Cornelius16Square

Objects - Books

Rona Gurkewitz18Rectangle - A size
9 units

Objects - Frames

V'ann Cornelius21Rectangle - A size
4 units
Hyperbolic cube

Geometric and other shapes

Thomas Hull23Hexagon

Crease pattern

Vehicles - Airplanes

Gareth Louis24Square

Mammals - Camelidae - Camels

John Montroll33Square

Also in Christmas Origami by John Montroll
Origami Dromedary by John Montroll Wet-folded from a square of 160gsm Canson art paper by Gilad Aharoni on

Birds - Columbiformes - Pigeons

Kunihiko Kasahara36Square
Right angle support shelf

Objects - Useful

V'ann Cornelius39Rectangle - A size
Wall hook

Objects - Useful

V'ann Cornelius40Rectangle
Wall pocket

Objects - Useful

Betka Hradecka41Square
North American Cardinal

Birds - Passeriformes - Cardinals

Michael G. LaFosse42Square

Also in Advanced Origami by Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander
Also in BOS Convention 2004 Spring
Also in BOS Convention 2011 Spring - Birmingham
Also in BOS Magazine 225
Also in NOA Magazine 450
Also in Tanteidan 10th convention
Origami North American Cardinal by Michael G. LaFosse Folded from a square of duo origami paper by Gilad Aharoni on


V'ann Cornelius44Rectangle - A size

Insects - Butterflies

Federico Scalambra46Square
Long horn beetle


Stephane Ansons48Square