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Le Pli 115-116 book cover

Le Pli 115-116

2009 by MFPP

Overall Impression

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There are 8 Origami Designs in Le Pli 115-116:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Birds - Strigiformes - Owls

Yann Mouget3Square

Birds - Galliformes - Hens and Pheasants

David Mitchell8Square
Super rooster

Birds - Galliformes - Hens and Pheasants

David Mitchell11Square
5 units
Book 2

Objects - Books

Martin Wall18Rectangle - 1X2

Also in BOS Magazine 64
Also in BOS Magazine 214
Also in NOA Magazine 15
Also in Origami El Mundo Nuevo by Kunihiko Kasahara
Also in Origami USA Convention 1983
Also in ORU Magazine 14
Also in Pajarita Magazine 112
and in other sources...
Origami Book 2 by Martin Wall folded by Gilad Aharoni on

Vehicles - Boats

Martin Wall22Square

Also in CDO convention 1996
Also in Martin Wall - Early Works - BOS booklet 12 by Martin Wall
Also in NOA Magazine 70
Also in Origami Kit for Dummies by Nick Robinson
Also in Pajarita Especial 1985 - Pliar 85
Also in Pajarita Extra 1985 - Museo Imaginario
and in other sources...
Origami Boat by Martin Wall on
Folded by Rebecca
Magic boat

Toys - Action Models

Polar bear

Mammals - Ursidae - Bears

Gerard Ty Sovann26Square

Also in Pure Origami - Endangered Species by Gerard Ty Sovann
Origami Polar bear by Gerard Ty Sovann on
Folded by Luc Marnat
Modular spinner

Toys - Action Models

Michel Grand30Square
7 units