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Le Pli 46 book cover

Le Pli 46

1991 by MFPP

Overall Impression

This publication has not been reviewed yet

There are 7 Origami Designs in Le Pli 46:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Birds - Sphenisciformes - Penguins

Adolfo Cerceda3Square
Panda head

Mammals - Ursidae - Pandas

Yoshihide Momotani5Square

Also in New Origami Land: Origami Animals by Yoshihide Momotani
Origami Panda head by Yoshihide Momotani folded by Gilad Aharoni on

Toys - Action Models

Vincent Floderer7Rectangle

From Metro ticket
Triangular box with lid

Boxes and Containers

Tomoko Fuse9Square
6 units

Toys - Action Models

Philip Shen10Triangle

Also in BOS Magazine 100
Also in Origami Toys by Toshie Takahama
Also in Philip Shen: Selected Geometric Paper Folds by Paul Jackson
Also in The Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercaft Techniques by Paul Jackson
Origami Propeller by Philip Shen on
Folded by Rebecca
Card holder

Boxes and Containers

Laura L. Kruskal11Rectangle - A size
4 units
Stacking game


Didier Boursin13Rectangle - A size
Multiple units