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Origami Deutschland 2011 book cover

Origami Deutschland 2011

2011 by Origami Deutschland

Overall Impression

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There are 36 Origami Designs in Origami Deutschland 2011:

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Mammals - Rhinocerotidae - Rhinoceros

Ma Yong4Square
Seed packet

Boxes and Containers

Rikki Donachie9Square
Peace crane greeting card

Letters and Envelopes

Rikki Donachie11Rectangle - Long strip
Batocera rosenbergi


Victoria Serova20Square

Crease pattern
Magpie - flying

Birds - Passeriformes

Victoria Serova21Square
X Wing 1

Media and Culture - Star Wars

Klaus Dieter Ennen26Square
2 units
Cube 10

Geometric and other shapes

Klaus Dieter Ennen29Square
6 units
Pinwheel 1

Toys - Action Models

Klaus Dieter Ennen32Square
10 units
Table lamp 2

Objects - Candles and Light

Klaus Dieter Ennen34Square
Star 49

Geometric and other shapes

Klaus Dieter Ennen37Square
16 units
Swan 50

Birds - Anseriformes - Swans

Klaus Dieter Ennen39Rectangle
Butterfly 52

Insects - Butterflies

Klaus Dieter Ennen41Rectangle - A size
Santa Claus 3

Religion and Holidays - Christmas and Santa Claus

Klaus Dieter Ennen44Square
Modular 4

Geometric and other shapes

Klaus Dieter Ennen46Square
6 units
Samurai head

People - Occupations

Klaus Dieter Ennen49Square
Kuehneosaurus 1


Klaus Dieter Ennen55Square

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Julio Eduardo60Square

Mammals - Canidae - Dog Family

Julio Eduardo62Square
Wolf with wings

Imaginary beings

Julio Eduardo67Square
Tealight holder star

Geometric and other shapes

Antje Vagt73Hexagon
Alissa leaf box

Boxes and Containers

Antje Vagt76Square
Viktoria star

Geometric and other shapes

Carmen Sprung78Rectangle
5 units
Hildegard box variation

Letters and Envelopes

Carmen Sprung81Circle
2 units
CD wrapper with star

Boxes and Containers

Arno Pfingstner84Circle
Lighthouse Susanne


Arno Pfingstner85Rectangle

Crease pattern
6 point star

Geometric and other shapes

Arno Pfingstner86Hexagon
Red cross box lid

Boxes and Containers

Arno Pfingstner87Square

Geometric and other shapes

Christine Pape89Square
30 units

Mammals - Equidae - Horses and Donkeys

Daniel Chang92Square

Also in Chilean Convention 2011
Also in Pajarita Magazine 115
Origami Donkey by Daniel Chang on
Folded by Pere Olivella

Objects - Wallets

Jens-Helge Dahmen97Square
3 rectangles

Geometric and other shapes

Dirk Eisner99Square
24 units

Mammals - Equidae - Zebras

Jens Kober102Square
Travel mug


Andrea Kothe107Rectangle - A size
Round bowl

Boxes and Containers

Andrea Kothe108Square
Bird base toys


Ulrike Krallmann-Wenzel109Square
Multiple units
Crane stand

Objects - Useful

Monika Langer111Square