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Quadrato Magico Magazine 111 book cover

Quadrato Magico Magazine 111

2015 by Centro Diffusione Origami

There are 13 Origami Designs in Quadrato Magico Magazine 111:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Geometric and other shapes

Francesco Decio7Rectangle

Geometric and other shapes

Paul Jackson9Square
6 units

Also in Building with Butterflies - 2nd Edition by David Mitchell
Also in Synergy 1 by David Mitchell
Origami Cube by Paul Jackson on
Folded by Rebecca
Quarter cube

Geometric and other shapes

Francesco Decio13Square

Geometric and other shapes

Jack J. Skillman19Square

Also in BOS Magazine 204
Also in Origami 2 by Robert Harbin
Also in The Origami World of Neal Elias by Dave Venables and Marc Cooman
Also in The Origamian - Vol.05 1
Origami Jackstone by Jack J. Skillman on
Folded by Marina Kosareva
Shirt with tie


Moriya Asako28Rectangle - 1X2
Cat eyes

Mammals - Felidae - Cats

Francesco Miglionico31Square

Eyes show when held against light


Hoang Tien Quyet42Square

Also in AEP convention 2017
Also in Bogota Origami Convention 2015
Also in Korea Origami Convention 2014
Also in Origami USA Convention 2015
Origami Fish by Hoang Tien Quyet on
Folded by Rui Roda
Flip tribox

Boxes and Containers

Patrizia Porzio44Rectangle
Vortex box

Boxes and Containers

Silvana Fusari46Hexagon
Ice cream cone


Andrea Gherardini48Rectangle

Mammals - Equidae - Horses and Donkeys

Anna Kastlunger49Square
Sakura star - Spring edition

Geometric and other shapes

Ali Bahmani55Pentagon

Also in Colombian Convention 2014
Also in OrigaMIT 2014 Convention Book
Also in Origami USA Convention 2015
Origami Sakura star - Spring edition by Ali Bahmani on
Folded by Rui Roda
Heart box

Boxes and Containers

Francesco Mancini58Square

Also in BOS Convention 2015 Spring
Also in MFPP 2014 Convention
Also in Origami Deutschland 2016
Also in Jong Ie Nara Plus magazine 79-21
Origami Heart box by Francesco Mancini on
Folded by Francesco Mancini