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Quadrato Magico Magazine 67 book cover

Quadrato Magico Magazine 67

2002 by Centro Diffusione Origami

Overall Impression

This publication has not been reviewed yet

There are 11 Origami Designs in Quadrato Magico Magazine 67:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Pig head

Mammals - Suidae - Pigs and Boars

David Derudas30Square
Hot air balloon


Roberto Gretter38Square
Fat woman with wings

Imaginary beings

Daniela Carboni41Square
Cabin cruiser

Vehicles - Boats

Pasquale d'Auria44Square

Flora - Flowers

Luigi Midali48Square
Cat 10

Mammals - Felidae - Cats

Edwin Corrie50Square
Flapping bird 9

Toys - Action Models

Edwin Corrie52Square
Chinese boat

Vehicles - Boats

Ronald Koh55Square
Bird of paradise

Birds - Passeriformes

Ronald Koh56Square
Santa Claus face

Religion and Holidays - Christmas and Santa Claus

Alfredo Giunta58Square
Santa Claus face 2

Religion and Holidays - Christmas and Santa Claus

Alfredo Giunta60Square