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Quadrato Magico Magazine 3 book cover

Quadrato Magico Magazine 3

1981 by Centro Diffusione Origami

Overall Impression

This publication has not been reviewed yet

There are 4 Origami Designs in Quadrato Magico Magazine 3:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Finger puppets

Toys - Puppets

Cristina Lorimer Givone11Square

Several variations
Santa Claus

Religion and Holidays - Christmas and Santa Claus

Cristina Lorimer Givone14SquareOrigami Santa Claus by Cristina Lorimer Givone Folded from a square of origami paper by Gilad Aharoni on
Native American

People - Ethnicities

Luigi Leonardi15Square

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Luisa Canovi16Square