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BOS Convention 1985 Spring book cover

BOS Convention 1985 Spring

1985 by British Origami Society
Paperback or spiral-bound

Skill Level Simple to complex
Clear diagrams? Varies
Tinted diagrams (to show 2 sides of paper)? Varies
Photos of completed models? Varies
Is there indication to the model size resulting from size of starting paper? Varies
Are the models "Pure" origami (From a single square - no cuts)? Varies

Overall Impression

The British Origami Society holds 2 conventions every year, taking place over a weekend in various places in the UK, and in each one publishes a model collection.

This is a big compilation of various models from multiple designers. Difficulty and diagramming quality vary.

There are 20 Origami Designs in BOS Convention 1985 Spring:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

Show only designs with photos

Flora - Flowers

Yoshihide Momotani2Rectangle - Long strip
Frisbee or bowl

Boxes and Containers

Thoki Yenn3Square

Geometric and other shapes

Larry Hart4Square
Scissors case

Objects - Useful

Thoki Yenn4Square
Gymnast - handstand

Sports and Athletes

Luigi Leonardi5Square
Flapping bird

Toys - Action Models

Paul Jackson6Square

People - Occupations

Marcus Cooman6Square

Boxes and Containers

David Brill7Square

Also in Brilliant Origami by David Brill
Origami Ashtray by David Brill folded by Gilad Aharoni on

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Ted Darwin7Rectangle - Long strip

Also in Darwinism by Ted Darwin
Origami Dog by Ted Darwin on
Folded by Rui Roda

Mammals - Mustelids - Badgers

Peter Lillington8Square

Mammals - Felidae - Cats

Alfredo Giunta9Square
2 units

Also in Atlas de l'Origami
Also in BOS Magazine 112
Also in Der Falter 26
Also in MFPP 1996 Convention
Also in Origami I Piccoli Animali (Small Animal Origami) by Alfredo Giunta
Also in Origami Masters: Alfredo Giunta by Alfredo Giunta
and in other sources...
Origami Cat by Alfredo Giunta folded by Gilad Aharoni on

Flora - Fruit and Vegetables

Tony O'Hare10Square
Heart pop-up card


Ted Norminton11Square
Dog - liberating

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Luis Fernandez Perez12Square
2 units

Also in Origami Kit for Dummies by Nick Robinson
Also in Pajarita Extra 2007 - Luis Fernandez by Luis Fernandez Perez
Also in Pajarita Magazine 11
Also in Papiroflexia Coleccion by Vicente Palacios
Origami Dog - liberating by Luis Fernandez Perez folded by Gilad Aharoni on
Keel lid

Boxes and Containers

Francis Ow13Square

Geometric and other shapes

John Cunliffe13Rectangle
Modular cube

Geometric and other shapes

Lewis Simon14Square
6 units
Borrowed box

Boxes and Containers

John Smith17Square

Boxes and Containers

John Smith17Square
Stellated cubocta

Geometric and other shapes

Robert J. Lang19Rectangle