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Pajarita Extra 1992 book cover

Pajarita Extra 1992

1992 by AEP

There are 15 Origami Designs in Pajarita Extra 1992:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Inclined pyramid

Geometric and other shapes

Francisco Javier Caboblanco3Square
2 units

Also in Origami for Beginners by Vicente Palacios
Also in BOS Convention 1993 Autumn
Also in World's Best Origami by Nick Robinson
Origami Inclined pyramid by Francisco Javier Caboblanco on
Folded by Rebecca
Box with separation

Boxes and Containers

Edwin Corrie4Square

Vehicles - Boats

Francisco Javier Caboblanco5Square
Tato star

Geometric and other shapes

Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)6Square

Geometric and other shapes

Paolo Bascetta7Square
20 units

Birds - Galliformes - Hens and Pheasants

Edwin Corrie8Square
Marzene star

Geometric and other shapes

David Petty9Square
8 units


Pasquale d'Auria10Square
Pajarita behind a barrier or scoop


Carlos Pomaron Arbues12Square

Birds - Strigiformes - Owls

Juan Gimeno13Square

Also in Drawing Origami - Volume 2 by Halle, Pere Olivella and Nicolas Terry
Also in MFPP 2014 Convention
Also in Origami USA Convention 1993
Also in Pajarita Extra 2004 - Juan Gimeno by Juan Gimeno
Origami Owl by Juan Gimeno on
Folded by Rui Roda

Mammals - Felidae - Lions

Stephen Weiss18Square
Gargoyle mask

Imaginary beings

Jose Anibal Voyer21Square

Also in El Libro de Las Mascaras de Papel Plegado by Grupo Riglos
Origami Gargoyle mask by Jose Anibal Voyer on
Folded by Jake Crowley

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Juan Gimeno26Square

Also in BOS Convention 2004 Spring
Also in MFPP 1996 Convention
Also in Pajarita Magazine 123
Origami Dog by Juan Gimeno on
Folded by Rui Roda

Mammals - Cetacea - Dolphins

Gabriel Alvarez Casanovas29Square

Also in BOS Convention 1992 Autumn
Also in Pajarita Extra 2011 - Gabriel Alvarez
Also in Pajarita Magazine 39
Origami Dolphin by Gabriel Alvarez Casanovas folded by Gilad Aharoni on
Dragon - 3 headed

Imaginary beings - Dragons

Jose Anibal Voyer35Square