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4 Esquinas Magazine 7


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There are 7 Origami Designs in 4 Esquinas Magazine 7:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Geometric and other shapes

Isa Klein9Square
30 units
Soccer ball

Geometric and other shapes

Rodrigo Salazar Jeldres13Square
12 units
Ninja star - bicolor

Geometric and other shapes

Roman Diaz17Square
Chilean Bellflower

Flora - Flowers

Miguel Kaiser38Square
2 units

Mammals - Mustelids - Otters and Weasels

Ares Alanya40Square

Also in Czech Origami Convention 2013
Also in Origami USA Convention 2014
Origami Ferret by Ares Alanya on
Folded by Pascal Durrens
Spider monkey

Mammals - Primates

Richard Galindo Flores48Square

Crease pattern
Origami Spider monkey by Richard Galindo Flores on
Folded by Pere Olivella

Media and Culture - Batman

Angel Morollon Guallar51Square

Also in Origami USA Convention 2017
Origami Batman by Angel Morollon Guallar Folded from a square of tissue-foil by Gilad Aharoni on