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BOS Convention 2009 Autumn book cover

BOS Convention 2009 Autumn

2009 by British Origami Society
Paperback or spiral-bound

Skill Level Simple to complex
Clear diagrams? Varies
Tinted diagrams (to show 2 sides of paper)? Varies
Photos of completed models? Varies
Is there indication to the model size resulting from size of starting paper? Varies
Are the models "Pure" origami (From a single square - no cuts)? Varies

Overall Impression

The British Origami Society holds 2 conventions every year, taking place over a weekend in various places in the UK, and in each one publishes a model collection.

This is a big compilation of various models from multiple designers. Difficulty and diagramming quality vary.

There are 59 Origami Designs in BOS Convention 2009 Autumn:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

Show only designs with photos
Napkin ring

Objects - Useful

Henry Nicolas Delgado2Circle

Geometric and other shapes

Ron Arruda3Square
Jester's hat

Clothes - Hats

Lidia Coronado4Rectangle
Diagonal slim vase

Boxes and Containers

Hans Dybkjaer6Square
Tulip candle container

Boxes and Containers

Hans Dybkjaer8Square
Santa Claus in chimney

Religion and Holidays - Christmas and Santa Claus

Yannick Gardin9Rectangle - 1X2

Also in Christmas Origami Book 2008
Origami Santa Claus in chimney by Yannick Gardin Folded from a rectangle of scrap-booking paper by Gilad Aharoni on
Tato flower

Geometric and other shapes

Loes Schakel10Square
Tato rose

Geometric and other shapes

Loes Schakel11Square
Tato knot

Geometric and other shapes

Loes Schakel12Square
Ray cube

Geometric and other shapes

Meenakshi Mukerji13Square
6 units
Thatch cube

Geometric and other shapes

Meenakshi Mukerji15Square
6 units
Whirl cube

Geometric and other shapes

Meenakshi Mukerji16Square
6 units
Origami Whirl cube by Meenakshi Mukerji on
Folded by Stephane Gerard

Boxes and Containers

Swapnil Shinde18Square
Box or cube

Boxes and Containers

Francis Ow21Square
Triangle gift box

Geometric and other shapes

John Andrisan24Hexagon
Andean woman

People - Ethnicities

Aida Urrutia26Square
3 units

Mammals - Camelidae - Llamas

Aida Urrutia29Square
3 units

Religion and Holidays

Anita F. Barbour32Square
Jewelry case

Boxes and Containers

Max Hulme36Rectangle - A size
2 units
Polygon construction

Origami bases and methods

Andrew Hudson39Square
Four leafed dish

Boxes and Containers

Chan Yew Meng43Square
Uniform pentagonal prism

Geometric and other shapes

John Montroll45Square
Banded angelfish


Robert J. Lang48Square

Also in Sea Creatures in Origami by John Montroll and Robert J. Lang
Also in Tanteidan 15th convention
Origami Banded angelfish by Robert J. Lang folded by Gilad Aharoni on

Vehicles - Boats

Andrew Hudson50Square
Twist bowl

Boxes and Containers

Boaz Shuval52Square

Flora - Flowers

Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek54SquareOrigami Anthurium by Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek on
Folded by Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek

Birds - Anseriformes - Swans

Aida Urrutia60Square
Face lift

Toys - Action Models

Nick Robinson61Square

Birds - Anseriformes - Swans

Tom Defoirdt62Square

Imaginary beings - Angels

Mike Bright63TriangleOrigami Angel by Mike Bright on
Folded by Luc Marnat
Canadian Mountie

People - Occupations

Mike Bright64Square

Birds - Charadriiformes - Gulls

Tom Defoirdt66Square

Also in Der Falter 52
Also in Origami USA Convention 2006
Also in Tanteidan 12th convention
Origami Curlew by Tom Defoirdt on
Folded by Fujikura Atsuo
Giant moa

Birds - Struthioniformes - Ostriches

Tom Defoirdt70Square
Australian brush turkey

Birds - Galliformes - Turkeys

John Morgan72Rectangle - A size

Vehicles - Airplanes

Rafal Sabat74Square

Geometric and other shapes

Heinz Strobl78Rectangle - Long strip
60 units

Also in BOS Magazine 258
Also in Chilean Convention 2006
Origami RhoDoDe by Heinz Strobl on
Folded by Rui Roda

Mammals - Ursidae - Bears

Patricio Kunz Tomic80Square


Marc Vigo Anglada85Square
Frog - big-mouthed


Simon Andersen88Rectangle - A size
Butterfly for Rosalind Koh

Insects - Butterflies

Ronald Koh92SquareOrigami Butterfly for Rosalind Koh by Ronald Koh Folded from a square of duo origami paper by Gilad Aharoni on
Butterfly - Tumasek

Insects - Butterflies

Ronald Koh95SquareOrigami Butterfly - Tumasek by Ronald Koh Folded from a square of Kathy Stevick's tissue-foil by Gilad Aharoni on
Butterfly - Singapura Swallowtail

Insects - Butterflies

Ronald Koh98SquareOrigami Butterfly - Singapura Swallowtail by Ronald Koh Folded from a square of Kathy Stevick's tissue-foil by Gilad Aharoni on
One-piece floral container

Boxes and Containers

Nikhil Chitloor102Square

Imaginary beings

Blythe Creamer106Square

Mammals - Rodentia - Rats, Mice and Rodents

Victoria Serova113Square

Mammals - Felidae - Tigers and Leopards

Leong Cheng Chit118Rectangle - A size
Tyrannosaurus rex

Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex

Fernando Gilgado Gomez126Square

Also in AEP convention 2009
Also in Tanteidan 15th convention
Origami Tyrannosaurus rex by Fernando Gilgado Gomez on
Folded by Fernando Gilgado
Heart envelope


Sumiko Momotani136Square
Flower for table decoration

Geometric and other shapes

Yoshihide Momotani137Square
2 units
Santa boot

Clothes - Shoes and Socks

Yoshihide Momotani137Rectangle - 1X2

Flora - Flowers

Yoshihide Momotani138Rectangle - Long strip

Flora - Flowers

Yoshihide Momotani140Rectangle - Long strip
Cherry blossoms

Flora - Flowers

Yoshihide Momotani141Rectangle - Long strip

Flora - Flowers

Yoshihide Momotani141Square


Yoshihide Momotani142Square

Toys - Planes

Yoshihide Momotani143Square
Butterfly - swallowtail

Insects - Butterflies

Yoshihide Momotani144Square

Clothes - Shoes and Socks

Yoshihide Momotani145Rectangle - 1X2

Vehicles - Airplanes

Yoshihide Momotani146Square

Also in Cute Origami by Yoshihide Momotani
Also in Das Diagramm 31
Also in Origami from Around the World by Vicente Palacios
Origami Biplane by Yoshihide Momotani Folded from a square of Kathy Stevick's tissue foil by Gilad Aharoni on