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NOA Magazine 300 book cover

NOA Magazine 300

2000 by NOA

Skill Level Simple to complex
Clear diagrams? Yes
Tinted diagrams (to show 2 sides of paper)? Yes
Photos of completed models? Yes. Beautiful photos
Is there indication to the model size resulting from size of starting paper? No
Are the models "Pure" origami (From a single square - no cuts)? Varies

Overall Impression

NOA Magazine is the monthly publication of the Japanese Origami Association. The complexity of the designs in the magazine tends to lean towards the more simple variety, but an occasional complex design is thrown into the mix.

The issues are usually centered around a theme, whether a holiday or season of the year. Most importantly, they are beautiful, with inspiring color-spreads and very high-quality diagrams.

Also see listing of all other NOA magazines in my collection.

There are 13 Origami Designs in NOA Magazine 300:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

Show only designs with photos
Rose - 1 minute - as you like

Flora - Flowers - Kawasaki Roses

Toshikazu Kawasaki8Square

Also in Der Falter 48
Also in MFPP 1991 Convention
Also in Origami Dream World - Flowers and Animals by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Also in Origami USA Convention 2011
Also in The Greatest Dream Origami by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Also in The Paper Magazine 108
Origami Rose - 1 minute - as you like by Toshikazu Kawasaki Leaves folded from a square of Korean Hanji by Gilad Aharoni on
Anpanman and his friends

Media and Culture

Takenao Handa10Square
Multiple units

Boxes and Containers

Aldo Putignano19Square
2 units

Flora - Fruit and Vegetables

Fujimoto Shuzo20Square

Also in BOS Convention 1982 Autumn
Also in BOS Magazine 102
Also in Invitation to Creative Playing with Origami by Fujimoto Shuzo
Also in NOA Magazine 115
Also in Origami de Christmas 3
Also in Origami per Pinocchio
and in other sources...
Origami Apple by Fujimoto Shuzo folded by Gilad Aharoni on
Back of Moon Princess

People - Ethnicities

Toshie Takahama22Square
2 units
With cuts
Beating heart


David Petty24Rectangle - 1X3

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Wong Po San40Square


Wong Po San43Square

Boxes and Containers

Wong Po San43Square
Boots with laces

Clothes - Shoes and Socks

Tsuda Yoshio44Square

Flora - Trees and Plants

Asahi Isamu55Square
3 units
Spiral fireworks


Asahi Isamu56Square
Multiple units
Star parent and child

Geometric and other shapes

Asahi Isamu57Square
5 units