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BOS Convention 2009 Spring book cover

BOS Convention 2009 Spring

2009 by British Origami Society
Paperback or spiral-bound

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Skill Level Simple to complex
Clear diagrams? Varies
Tinted diagrams (to show 2 sides of paper)? Varies
Photos of completed models? Varies
Is there indication to the model size resulting from size of starting paper? Varies
Are the models "Pure" origami (From a single square - no cuts)? Varies

Overall Impression

The British Origami Society holds 2 conventions every year, taking place over a weekend in various places in the UK, and in each one publishes a model collection.

This is a big compilation of various models from multiple designers. Difficulty and diagramming quality vary.

There are 56 Origami Designs in BOS Convention 2009 Spring:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

Show only designs with photos
CD case

Objects - Useful

Max Hulme2Rectangle - A size
Heart bookmark


Miguel Alfonso Valdivieso3Square
Stellar snap

Geometric and other shapes

Jorge Pardo6Square
30 units
Andean boy

People - Ethnicities

Aida Urrutia8Square
3 units
Double flower

Geometric and other shapes

Loes Schakel10Square
8 units
Flower and dish

Geometric and other shapes

Loes Schakel12Square
8 units

Toys - Action Models

Bennet Arnstein14Square
8-windmill octagon medallion

Geometric and other shapes

Franco Pavarin16Square
8 units
The Invisible man

Media and Culture

Gilad Aharoni20Square

Also in AEP convention 2009
Also in BOS Convention 2012 Spring
Also in Christmas Origami Book 2008
Origami The Invisible man by Gilad Aharoni folded by Gilad Aharoni on
Egg cup


Evi Binzinger22Square
3 units

Music and Musicians

Juan Francisco Carrillo24SquareOrigami Piano by Juan Francisco Carrillo Folded from a square of origami paper by Gilad Aharoni on
Calligraphy pen


Yannick Gardin27Square

Geometric and other shapes

Luis Carlos Maya30Square
Bird in flight


Mike Bright32Square
Bottle and stand


Mike Bright34Square
Heart - standing


Laura L. Kruskal36Rectangle

Geometric and other shapes

Jaime Nino38Square
30 units
Boats ball

Geometric and other shapes

Ilan Garibi40Square
30 units

Geometric and other shapes

Henry Nicolas Delgado43Rectangle
Manta ray


Jaime Nino44Square
Guinea pig

Mammals - Rodentia - Rats, Mice and Rodents

Yann Mouget46Square
Batman mask

Media and Culture - Batman

Yann Mouget47Square

Mammals - Felidae - Cats

Max Hulme48Rectangle - A sizeOrigami Cat by Max Hulme on
Folded by Rui Roda

Birds - Piciformes - Toucans and Woodpeckers

Tom Defoirdt50Square

Birds - Psittaciformes - Parrots

Tom Defoirdt53Square
Santa Ana bowl

Boxes and Containers

Boaz Shuval56Square
Crane on wheels


Carlos Ossa58Square
Magic spyglass


Tony O'Hare60Rectangle
7 units
American luna moth

Insects - Butterflies

Hoang Tien Quyet68Square

Also in CDO convention 2013
Also in Tanteidan 15th convention
Origami American luna moth by Hoang Tien Quyet Folded from a square of Kathy Stevick's tissue-foil by Gilad Aharoni on
Square pyramid 36deg

Geometric and other shapes

John Montroll70Square

Birds - Passeriformes

Swapnil Shinde73Square
African elephant

Mammals - Elephantidae - Elephants

Matthias Eichel81Square
Guitar card

Music and Musicians

John Morgan86Rectangle - 1X4
Red knot

Birds - Charadriiformes - Gulls

Andrew Hudson89Square

Birds - Galliformes - Hens and Pheasants

Marc Vigo Anglada92Square

Also in AEP convention 2009
Origami Rooster by Marc Vigo Anglada on
Folded by Rui Roda
Bird braelet


John Morgan95Rectangle - Long strip
Fir tree

Flora - Trees and Plants

Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek98Square
3 units
Origami Fir tree by Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek on
Folded by Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek
3-headed crane

Imaginary beings

Jared Needle102Square

Mammals - Lagomorpha - Rabbits and Bunnies

Mark Bolitho107Square

Mammals - Bovidae - Cows and Buffalo

Pham Dieu Huy112SquareOrigami Buffalo by Pham Dieu Huy on
Folded by Textori

Mammals - Bovidae - Cows and Buffalo

Leong Cheng Chit118Square
Lion mask

Mammals - Felidae - Lions

Victoria Serova125Square
Person holding big heart


Tom Defoirdt134Square

Crease pattern
Butterfly - Leaf-wing

Insects - Butterflies

Robert J. Lang135Square

Also in Origami USA Convention 2009
Origami Butterfly - Leaf-wing by Robert J. Lang folded by Gilad Aharoni on

Mammals - Rodentia - Rats, Mice and Rodents

Julio Eduardo138Square

Mammals - Felidae - Lions

Nicola Bandoni143Square

Crease pattern

Mammals - Canidae - Dogs

Artur Biernacki144Square

Also in BOS Magazine 255
Also in Origami USA Convention 2009
Also in Origami: Made in Poland by Artur Biernacki
Also in Polish Origami Association Newsletter 5
Origami Dachshund by Artur Biernacki folded by Gilad Aharoni on


Artur Biernacki150Square

Also in AEP convention 2009
Also in Origami USA Convention 2009
Also in Origami: Made in Poland by Artur Biernacki
Also in Polish Origami Association Newsletter 6
Origami Dragonfly by Artur Biernacki on
Folded by Artur Biernacki
Samurai helmet beetle


Julio Eduardo158Square

Birds - Passeriformes

Quentin Trollip162Square

Also in BOS Magazine 255
Origami Raven by Quentin Trollip on
Folded by Quentin Trollip
Wild boar

Mammals - Suidae - Pigs and Boars

Nicolas Terry170Square

Crease pattern
Origami Wild boar by Nicolas Terry on
Folded by Pere Olivella
Dragon - 3 headed

Imaginary beings - Dragons

Fernando Gilgado Gomez171Square

Also in Chilean Convention 2009
Also in Monstruos de Papel by Fernando Gilgado Gomez
Also in Pajarita Extra 2005 - Fernando Gilgado by Fernando Gilgado Gomez
Origami Dragon - 3 headed by Fernando Gilgado Gomez on
Folded by Fernando Gilgado
Bow tie


Gershon Legman203Rectangle - 1X2

Mammals - Chiroptera - Bats

Robert Harbin204Triangle

Vehicles - Boats

Toshie Takahama208Square

Also in 10 Simple Paper-folds by Paul Jackson
Also in Classic Origami by Paul Jackson
Also in Creative Life with Creative Origami 1 by Toshie Takahama
Also in NOA Magazine 118
Also in Origami Step by Step by Robert Harbin
Also in The Origami World of Neal Elias by Dave Venables and Marc Cooman
and in other sources...
Origami Yacht by Toshie Takahama on
Folded by Lou Pearson

People - Occupations

Neal Elias209Square