The Rain Bird - a paper tale, by Karon Theater
Tuesday, December 11th, 11:30
Origami workshop at 10:30
Origami workshop at 12:30

The boy who knew no fear - a Pop-Up (paper-engineering) show by the Key Theater.
Saturday, November 17th, 11:30
Origami workshop at 10:30
Origami workshop at 12:30

Origami Sukkah Decorations
28 September 2007, starting at 10:00AM
For children ages 6-12
Price: NIS 25

Back to School Origami Workshops
30 August - 1 September 2007

For children, ages 8 and up. For details please contact Eli Berga, Haifa Museums Marketing Director, at 04-8553026.

Crowds at Opening of Origami Exhibit
17 August, 2007

By the final tally, 596 people, including leading figures from Israel's origami community and members of the press, packed themselves into the Museum's exhibition halls in two hours on mid-day Friday. The crowd came to hear about the historic event of the first large-scale museum exhibit of artistic origami in this country, and to see at first-hand works by most of the world's top origami designers. In the presence of his His Excellency Mr. Yoshinori Katori, Ambassador of Japan, and Mr. Jacob Schacham, Chair, Board of Directors, Haifa Museums, the audience heard from Dr. Ilana Singer, Chief Curator of the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, about the special circumstances that let this museum obtain works for the exhibit by the "father of modern origami", the late Akira Yoshizawa---works it has not been possible to get out of Japan in 20 years. The tale of the little old lady in Japan, who returned a favor done to her husband over half-a century before, was warmly received by all who heard it. (Master Yoshizawa was helped to hold his first exhibition in the West, in Amsterdam in 1955, by the founder of this museum, Japanese art collector Felix Tikotin.) Tikotin heiress Ilana Drukkman-Tikotin also spoke of her fond memories of visits to their home in Japan by "that funny little man, who would never stop folding"; she donated to the Museum's Library of Japanese Art three origami books that Yoshizawa had given her as a girl. Visitors expressed surprise and wonder at the beauty of the objects displayed and at the technical strides which the ancient pastime of origami is now making as it takes wing as a new sculptural art.

Exhibition opening: Friday, August 17, at 11:00 am.

Honorable attendees:

His Excellency Mr. Yoshinori Katori, Ambassador of Japan
Mr. Jacob Schacham, Chair, Board of Directors, Haifa Museums

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art is located at 89 Hanassi Ave, Haifa, Israel.

Entrance is free on the day of the opening.

Stay tuned for future events and programs.