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Wedge Flexicube book cover

Wedge Flexicube

by David Brill


Skill Level High-intermediate
Clear diagrams? Yes - hand drawn
Tinted diagrams (to show 2 sides of paper)? No
Photos of completed models? Yes
Is there indication to the model size resulting from size of starting paper? No
Are the models "Pure" origami (From a single square - no cuts)? This is a modular unit

Overall Impression

The wedge flexicube is a fun action model. A multi-unit cube that can flex and change to create many shapes. Once you take it in your hands, it's very hard to put down!

The booklet contains direction for folding both the flexicube and a box to contain it.

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There are 2 Origami Designs in Wedge Flexicube:

Design Designer Page Details Photo

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Wedge Flexicube

Toys - Action Models

David Brill4Square
16 units

Also in Origami USA Convention 2010

Plus 8 squares for hinges
Watch it being taught by Sara Adams on Youtube!
Origami Wedge Flexicube by David Brill folded by Gilad Aharoni on
Box for Flexicube

Boxes and Containers

David Brill9Square
2 units

Also in Origami USA Convention 2010
Origami Box for Flexicube by David Brill Folded from 2 squares of wrapping-paper by Gilad Aharoni on